We’re providing grants for clean vehicles in all Bay Area counties, Sacramento, Santa Cruz and Yolo.

See if you qualify for up to $5,000 down payment assistance!


*Due to high demand for DCAP grants, our processing time is taking approximately 12 weeks. Applications are processed in the order received. Please note, this is an estimation. Actual processing times may vary depending on demand.*

It’s not only about having a home, it’s about building the foundation to help you succeed. Driving Clean Assistance Program provides grants of up to $5,000 along with low-interest car loans to low-income individuals and families who need reliable clean transportation.

Through Travis Credit Union’s self-directed webinars, you’ll learn about savings, car loans, credit cards, and budgeting. When you apply to the Driving Clean Assistance Program as a loan applicant, you’ll get the opportunity to learn about budget & money management, savings and credit through self-directed webinars and high touch financial counseling. Together you’ll create a realistic budget to empower you to achieve your financial goals and develop strategies for improving and maintaining your credit.

Financial Education Training

To qualify for the Driving Clean Assistance Program, you must meet the following criteria:

– Have a Valid CA Driver’s License
– Must be 18 years or older
– Have Verifiable income (Must be below 400% of the       federal poverty guideline)
– Reside within the program’s designated counties

– To start your application process, please click on the orange button above and complete the eligibility questionnaire.

– You will receive a program application with all program requirements. After submitting a completed application, you will be guided by a program Loan Coordinator who will assess your financial capability, inform you of your grant award, and assist you through the vehicle purchase.

– New or Used Electric vehicles 

    a) Plug-in Hybrid/Hybrid Vehicles (PHEV)
    b) Battery Electric Vehicles (BEV)
    c) Fuel Cell Vehicles (FCV)

– Vehicle can be Leased or Purchased
– Vehicle must be 8 Yrs Old or newer
– Vehicle mileage must be less than 75,000 miles

CLICK HERE to read our Financing Assistance Implementation Manual


We’re here to give you all the support you need. You can reach out to our team at:

(P) 510-685-4303 (E) DriveEVgrants@communityhdc.org

Or mail us at Community Housing Development Corporation

Attn: Driving Clean Assistance Program
1535-A Fred Jackson Way
Richmond, CA 94801